Frequently asked questions

What age groups do you cover?

Our travel teams start at the 13u level and end at the collegiate level.

How many different teams do you have?

We have 4(Spring), 8(Summer) and 7(Fall) teams. 

What sets you apart from other travel organizations?

We provide the players with professional coaching, emphasize effort over results and we provide a positive playing environment that is conducive to growth not only as a player but as an individual.

What other services do you offer besides the travel teams?

We also offer camps during the summer, fall and winter.


How many coaches per team?

Each team will have two or three coaches. Each coach will bring a wealth of knowledge of their own area’s of expertise.  All of our coaches have either played or coached at the college or professional level.

How far do you travel?

Our travel teams will travel regionally. We pretty much stay anywhere within 300 miles of the DC area with certain exceptions.