Our Philosophy

The Bradley Baseball Academy is an organization that prides itself on player development in a family environment.

Our academy and league teams are offered to student-athletes from the Northern Virginia, Washington, DC & Maryland areas with most of our players coming from McLean, VA, Northwest DC & Montgomery County.

Our mission is to teach our young student athletes necessary life skills through the game of baseball. From the moment our players put on a Bradley Eagles uniform, they agree to our fundamental principles:

  • Believe in YOURSELF
  • Always be POSITIVE
  • Trust in your ABILITY
  • PRACTICE means everything


“Do today what others won’t, so tomorrow you can do what others can’t.”




“It’s a game that every single kid should have the opportunity to play at some point and if it is presented in the right way, by having good quality coaches, then I truly believe that every kid will realize what I have realized……It’s the greatest game out there.”

-Andy Bradley CEO/Executive Director, Bradley Baseball Academy