Bradley Eagles Alumni

Best of luck to all of our Eagles players that are now onto the next phase of their academic and athletic careers. Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle!

HS Class of 2014

Jimmy Swad- Georgetown

Mike Schmandt- Haverford

Joe Feldman- Amherst

Ricky Ortiz- College of Southern MD

Max Vogel- Bowdoin


HS Class of 2013

Drew Nirenberg- Washington and Lee

Michael Yang- Middlebury College

Joseph Aulisi- Macalester College

Connor Merley- Kenyon College

Lane Miles- Pomona College

David Wagner- Pomona College

Nick Hallmark- Rhodes

Bobby Smarrelli- Clarkson


HS Class of 2012

Steve Bodine- Middlebury College

Chris Bodurian- Princeton University

Desmond Dahlberg- Kenyon College

Joe Dobbins- Macalester College

Brad Hampton- McDaniel College

Elliott Jackson- University of Southern California

Gabe Roark- Rhodes College

Danny Swad- Franklin & Marshall College

Max Ungar- Denison University and 36th rd pick of the Washington Nationals


HS Class of 2011

Ian Kelso- Washington University in St. Louis

Cory Spera- Lafayette College